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Paradise on two wheels

Lake Garda is a paradise for mountain bike enthusiasts because of the hundreds of kilometers of trails of all types, lengths and difficulty, and for street bikes there are fantastic itineraries on the road.

A bike deposit and a small mending area for self-service repair and cleaning of your favourite two-wheeler are available at Grand Hotel Riva. 

Suggestions of mountain bike itineraries

From Riva del Garda to o Lake Tenno

A pleasant itinerary to one of the most beautiful alpine lakes with turquoise water.

Difficulty: Medium Length: 25 Km Difference from sea level: 516 m Duration: 2.00 h


From Riva del Garda to o Lake Tenno:  Riva del Garda -  Varone waterfall - Varone – Ceole – Varignano – Volta di Nò - source of Novino – Tenno – Church of Ville del Monte – Canale – Volta di Nò – Varignano – Ceole – Varone – Riva del Garda.

From Riva del Garda to the Rocchetta Pass in Val di Ledro

An itinerary that offers an incredible panorama on the cliffs overlooking Lake Garda and on Mt. Baldo.

Difficulty: Medium Length: 19 Km Difference in altitude: 853 m Duration: 2.00 h


Riva del Garda- fork towards Pregasina - state road of the Ledro Valley – Ledro - hut of the Dosso dei Larici - malga Palaer –Rocchetta Pass –Guil Pass – Malga Vil – Leano – Pre – Biacesa – Riva del Garda.

From Riva del Garda to Malga Grassi:

A fascinating route that passes through meadows surrounded by pines, taking you to the archaeological area of St. Martino and winds under the jagged crest of Pichea .

Difficulty: Medium Length: 29 Km Difference of altitude: 983 m Duration: 3.00 h


Riva del Garda via Ardaro – S.P. 37 - Deva – archaeological zone of San Martino - Pranzo – Campi - Capanna Grassi - Malga Grassi – Parisi – chiesa di San Rocco – Pinza – chapel of San Giovanni – Santa Maria Maddalena – Riva del Garda.

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Suggested Itineraries on steet bike

The Mori-Torbole - Riva del Garda bike path

An enchanting itinerary on the discovery of Lake Garda on bike passing through beautiful villages, vineyards and the marshy biotope of Loppio.

Difficulty: Medium Length: 15,5 Km Difference in altitude (Mori - Ponti sul Sarca): 115 m Difference in altitude (Ponti sul Sarca - Mori): 210 m


Mori - Loppio - ex railroad track Mori-Arco-Riva - San Giovanni Pass  – Nago – port of Torbole- along the banks of Lake Garda –Linfano – Porto San Nicolò – Riva del Garda

On bike in the Sarca Valley

An interesting  route that follows the course of the Sarca river through the towns of Arco, Ceniga, Dro, Pietramurata and Sarche.

Difficulty: Medium Length: 11 Km Difference in altitude: 60 m towards Dro Duration: 2 hours Wind: in the afternoon, strong in a northerly direction (Ora del Garda).


Variant 1: Along the banks of the low course of the Sarca River – Arco – Ceniga.
Variant 2: Along the banks of the low course of the Sarca River – Pietramurata – Sarche
Variant 3: Torbole – Porto San Nicolò- Riva del Garda

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