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For an adrenalin high

The area of Garda Trentino offers many opportunities to spend your holiday in the midst of nature and, thanks to the mild climate, allows you to climb all year round on more than 200  equipped trails. Between the lake and the mountain there are panoramic trails that wind  around to spectacular cliffs down to the lake and there are authentic natural rock climbing areas that are famous all over Europe. The trails go through forests and you can see exceptional sites with historical and artistic relevance, for instance the forts of Monte Brione and the Tagliata del Ponale, an exceptional fortification in tunnels made up of a complex  system of corridors and trenches dug in the period 1914/1918 directly above Lake Garda in a unique panoramic position.

The autonomous province of Trento and the administration of the town have prepared over 400 itineraries that are periodically checked to guarantee maximum safety. Thanks to this highly qualified area, every year high profile events are staged, one example  is the world championship of sport climbing, the “IFSC Climbing World Championship 2011” that was held in Arco this year. For next year, already on the calendar is the “Rock junior European youth climbing days”, an international youth festival of climbing that will be held in Arco from 25 to 26 August 2013 and “Rock Master”, the international competition of rock climbing that is always held in Arco from 1 to 2 September 2013.

The forts of Monte Brione

This itinerary departs from  the port of  St.Nicolò to Riva del Garda and proceeds along the path of Peace to Fort Garda and the Batteria di Mezzo fort. Continuing along the northern summit you reach the ruins of the St. Alessandro fort where the return trail at Porto S.Nicolò begins.

Difficulty: medium Difference in altitude: 300 m Duration: 2 hours

The Ponale Road: Riva-Pregasina-Riva

A beautiful walk suitable for the whole family, easy to walk all year long. An exceptional panorama on upper Garda, with historical and naturalistic aspects.

Difficulty: easy Difference in altitude: up to Pregasina 450 m Length: 14 km Duration: 3 hours

For families with small children: the Giacomo Cis trail, in some areas does not have a fence on the part facing the lake. Pay special attention, especially going downhill!

Ferrata ( steel cables) "Via dell’Amicizia" S.A.T. peak

Locality: Riva del Garda Trail: n. 404/B Difficulty: expert excursionist with equipment Difference in altitude: m. 1200 ( 650 m equipped) Duration: 6 hours (2 hours for the ferrata- cable portion)


Baita W.FF (b. 404) - Sat peak alt. 1246 - East wall of Rocchetta Peak  alt. 1250.

Ferrata ( steel cables) "Fausto Susatti" at Capi Peak

Locality: Riva del Garda Trail: n. 405 Difficulty: expert excursionist with equipment Difference in altitude: m.900  (300 equipped) Duration: 5 ½ ore (1 hour for the ferrata- cable portion)


Val Sperone (3 km  from Riva) -  East.wall of Capi  Peak - Capi Peak alt.  907 - Cresta S/SE  Crest of Rocca Peak (fork 406) - Val Sperone (fork 405 bis) - Bocca d’Enzima alt. 880 - fork 404/A - Belvedere della Grola - hydroelectric plant (fork 404) alt. 373

Mario Foletti

Località: Riva Trail: n. 405 Difficulty: (expert excursion with equipment) Difference in altitude:  550m Duration: 5 ore


Val Vasòtina/ Le Frate (access from Biacesa, Val di Ledro, length 417) b. 417 alt. 617 - b. 460/bis alt. 840 - Chiesetta di San Giovanni alt. 860 - S/SE crest of Rocca peak b. 405  alt.880

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