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Relaxation guaranteed

In our wellness centre you can regain your strength in complete freedom at the end of an intense day. The Grand Hotel Riva puts at your disposal:

Finnish Sauna

A temperature around 80-90°C and a dry environment characterise this traditional Nordic sauna. The heat allows the skin to perspire, the organism to cleanse itself and eliminate waste, favouring a strengthening of the immune system.

Turkish bath

The Turkish bath, as opposed to the sauna, uses steam for the cleansing of the body through the perspiration of the skin. Contrary to the sauna, the Turkish bath is almost saturated by humidity, and it is thanks to this that a kind of mist is formed which, by settling on the body’s skin, makes it perspire and eliminate any harmful waste. For this motive, the time of usage of the Turkish bath is greater in respect of that of a normal sauna, but at the same time, by using the Turkish bath, it is possible to eliminate much more liquid. In the Turkish bath the steam transports essential oils of vegetable extracts, which become diffused in the room and have great regenerating, rebalancing and antiseptic properties, which help us to lose weight.

Relaxation room

After having spent pleasant moments in our world of saunas, you can relax on a comfortable lounger in our relaxation room, which will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere thanks to a play of lights and colours in a warm surrounding and by the enchanting fragrances. In our tea and tisane corner you can take advantage of the vast assortment of fresh fruit, tea and herbal tisanes.