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Riva del Garda to be discovered

The zone of Garda Trentino offers a dense bouquet of possibilities for those passionate about rock climbing, thanks to the presence of over 2000 equipped routes. Between the lake and the surrounding mountains in fact, panoramic routes wind to the summits of the Garda territory: authentic natural gymnasiums that have made it famous throughout the whole of Europe. They pass through woods and come face to face with exceptional views with historical and artistic testimonies such as, for example, the forts of Monte Brione and Tagliata del Ponale, an exceptional system of fortified tunnels consisting of a complex of corridors and trenches excavated in the period 1914/1918.

Forts of Monte Brione

The route leaves from the port of San Nicolò in Riva del Garda and continues along the Peace Trail up to Fort Garda and Fort Batteria di Mezzo. Continuing towards the north summit, you reach the ruins of Fort Sant’ Alessandro from where the return route starts.

Difficulty: medium
Difference in level: 300 m
Distance: 7 km
Duration: 2 h

The Ponale Trail: Riva-Pregasina-Riva

A beautiful walk suitable for all the family and accessible at all times of the year, it is characterised by the spectacular views of Alto Garda, as well as for the historical and natural aspects.

Difficulty: easy
Difference in level: 450 m
Distance: 14 km
Duration: 3 h

Ferrata “Via dell’amicizia” at Cima S.A.T.

A long adrenaline filled itinerary, perfect for expert hikers equipped with the right tackle and who love the thrills offered by the ancient vie ferrate.

Difficulty: difficult
Difference in level: 1200 m
Distance: 3 km
Duration: 6 h (2 for the via ferrata)

Baita W.FF (b. 404) – Cima S.A.T.– East face of Cima Rocchetta.

Ferrata “Fausto Susatti” at Cima Capi

A spectacular panoramic route towards Cima Capi with many difficult points. Suitable for more expert hikers armed with the specific equipment.

Difficulty: difficult
Difference in level: 900 m
Distance: 7 km
Duration: 5 h and 30 min.

Val Sperone (3 km from Riva) – East face of Cima Capi – Cima Capi – Cresta S/SE Cima Rocca (junction 406) – Val Sperone (junction 405 bis) – Bocca d’Enzima – Junction 404/A – Belvedere della Grola – Penstocks (junction 404).

Mario Foletti

Splendid route of over 5 hours suitable for the more expert hiker and armed with climbing equipment.

Difficulty: difficult
Difference in level: 550 m
Distance:  8 km
Duration: 5 h 

Val Vasòtina/Loc Le Frate (access from Biacesa, Val di Ledro, along 417) junction 417 –Junction 460/bis – Church of San Giovanni – Cresta S/SE of Cima Rocca junction 405.

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